LA Times: Crosswalks + Elderly = Deadly

For the elderly, just crossing the street can be a challenge.

Turns out, it can also be deadly.

Slower movement coupled with oncoming traffic results in accidents with a high degree of pedestrian death. The statistics are bad everywhere – especially in cities like New York and LA.

Wide boulevards are a particular challenge, as engineers calculating the amount of time allowed for crossing frequently don’t allow enough time for elders or the handicapped.

People 65 and older make up 22% of pedestrian deaths, though they account for only 13% of our population.

Add in the fact that people are living longer and many will have their driving privileges taken away, making it likely we’ll see even more elderly people walking in the future.

Read the entire LA Times piece on the elderly and pedestrian accidents.

Photo courtesy of Marcin Wichary.




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